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Custom Application Development

Blue Fox can design and develop database applications from the ground up, or modernize your existing systems. Our development services cover the full software life-cycle from design, development and project management to quality assurance and support. We have entered projects at all stages and always helped them to reach completion.

We have a wide repertoire of skills and experience. Give us a call and tell us the challenges you face. We're the kind of company that likes a challenge. We bring ingenuity and innovation to all our work, truly impacting the success of our customers.


Intranet/Internet Solutions

We specialize in how to take your data and make it work for you on the internet. Whether it's providing web access for your customers, building email functionality or more escoteric needs. Whatever your goals may be, we spend our days keeping up with the rapidly changing technology environment so you don't have to. We can unscramble the terms and technologies out there, and guide you in the directions that will really help your business. eCommerce, BLOGs, WIKI's, Content Management Systems, Web Services, Email – we understand it all and can help you get the most out of the various technologies you might benefit from To make your resources go as far as possible, we can leverage existing services and open source offerings to get there quickly, while keeping our eye on the goal of integration.

Support Services

We support systems we have built in-house as well as systems others have built. Whatever your situation may be we can tailor a support solution to ensure your business stays up and running and your crucial data is protected.


Having spent so much time building and supporting business solutions we have a lot of practical experience we can offer in trying to find a direction for your information systems.  Give us a call, pick our brains, together we’ll head you in the right direction, always maximizing your investment.

Blue Fox, Inc. is an experienced information technology firm that provides seamless technical solutions. We offer a broad range of services to help companies accomplish their goals.